What is the purpose of having a tow hitch receiver?

Towing of trailers

Carry bike racks

Protection from rear end accidents

Aesthetic purposes

Is the tow hitch receiver applicable for all vehicles?

OGP Tow Hitch customizes the tow hitch receiver based on the model, make and brand of the vehicle. 

What makes OGP tow hitch receivers different from competitors?

OGP tow hitch receivers are powder coated (sand blast).

They are dipped in anti-corrosion/chemical acid bath. 

They are negatively charged and sprayed on by dry powder (shiny black), then baked for an hour.

The tow hitch receivers are ALL metal.

OGP offers home service within Metro Manila (Additional Charge for Service Fee).

Does OGP have other products aside from tow hitches?

Cargo Basket

Ball Mount

Buzz Rack Buzzybee H2

Hitch Adaptor

Hitch Extender

Hitch Riser

Key Pin Lock

Pintle Hook with Ball Combination

Step Board

What is the mode of payment?

Credit Card (via Paypal)

Cash on Delivery

Bank Transfer

Where can payments be sent if customer is not in Metro Manila?

Bank of the Philippine Islands

Banco de Oro

Security Bank

Western Union



Palawan Express