Toyota Innova with Boat Tow Hitch Trailer

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  • All materials are new & imported and are made of black iron components.
  • Powder coated (matte black).
  • The plates are waterjet cut.
  • Thickness of the plate is 8mm, while the thickness of the tube is schedule 40.
  • Assembled by migweld, sand blasted and hydraulic bended.
  • All products are made and assembled, with quality, in the Philippines.
  • Bolt on 2-inch opening (universal), round tubular 3-ton pulling capacity ideal for bikeracks, trailers and cargo baskets.
  • Protects your vehicle from rear collision, adds value to your vehicle and for aesthetic purposes.


  • Brake lights
  • Couplers (standard 2")
  • Safety chains
  • Heavy duty fender
  • Single or double wheel swivel jack


  • OGP customizes all types of trailers for tow hitches depending on the purpose.
  • All colors are available based on the client's preference.
  • Registration of trailers is exclusive.


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  • Landline Number: 025654831
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