Tow Hitch Receiver for Toyota Corolla Altis 2016

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Tow Hitch Receiver:

  • SRP: P12,000.00
  • Promo: P9,000.00


  • All materials are new & imported and are made of black iron components.
  • Powder coated (matte black)
    • sandblast, dipped anti-corrosion, spray matte black powder, baked in an oven
  • The plates are waterjet cut.
  • Thickness of the plate is 8mm-12mm, while the thickness of the tube is schedule 60 seamless.
  • Assembled by migweld (3x stronger than stickweld) and hydraulic bended.
  • Bolt on 2-inch opening (universal).
  • Round tubular (2 3/8), 3-ton pulling capacity, 250 kilos weight capacity, ideal for bike racks, trailers, and cargo baskets.
  • Protects your vehicle from rear collision, adds value to your vehicle and for aesthetic purposes.
  • All products are made and assembled, with quality, in the Philippines.


  • Client should indicate if modifications were made on the vehicle, on the bumpers (skirts) and mufflers.
  • OGP Tow Hitch and Accessories do not remove parts of the vehicle. 
  • For special orders, waiting period will be for 7 working days, a down payment or reservation fee will be requested. 
  • Free delivery and installation within Quezon City.
  • Installation is done by trained technicians at the client's convenient place and time.
  • OGP Tow Hitch and Accessories offers mobile or home service by appointment. 
  • OGP Tow Hitch and Accessories ships to any point of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.