"Installed. Thank you so much Karen and the team for a pleasant transaction. Very rare in the Philippines." - 2007 Toyota Fortuner

"Thank you OGP team! Excellent service!!" - 2003 Honda CRV

"Hi karen good morning. Love the hitch." - 2015 Hyundai Tucson

"Welcome and thanks as well! Hassle free and very convenient. Sure i will refer you guys. Actually i was referred by my friend..." - 2012 Mitsubishi Monterosport

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"Hi Karen, thanks so much ha, we are happy, ang ganda ng service nyo at mababait kayo. Ingat and God bless." - 2012 Toyota Avanza

"Hello Grace & OGP Team! Just want to thank you guys for installing my Tow Hitch Receiver in my ride. Appreciate also for assembly of my BuzzRack BuzzyBee H2. Its very easy to deal with your entusiastic team. Count me in as one of your satisfied customer. Cheers to ur team!" - Toyota Fortuner

"Thanks for the excellent customer service!" - 2014 Mitsubishi Monterosport

"Yes! Will refer you to my friends! Nice service OGP." - 2015 Toyota Fortuner

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"Your sense of urgency doesn't go unnoticed. Your service is exemplary.!" - 2013 Ford Escape