OGP Tow Hitch and Auto Accessories Bulletin:

Monday. 15 February 2016. By: OGP Team


  1. Ask yourself why they’re selling the tow hitch at a very cheap price (you get what you pay for, don’t be a victim!)
  2. Ask if they have an existing or legalized fabrication shop? Visit the shop to protect you if there is a problem with the tow hitch.
  3. Ask if they use MIGWELD (it is 3x stronger than stick weld).
  4. Ask if their tow hitches are powdercoated (it is 3x stronger than paint).
  5. Ask if they use HYDRAULIC BENDERS for the main tube (2 x 2 3/8, schedule 60, seamless). Locals use Acetalyne to bend the tube and it appears to be very uneven.
  6. If they ask more than P500.00 for deposit to fabricate the hitch. (it’s a risk and you may end up losing your deposit because they’re considered as fly-by-night-shop or backyard tow hitches).
  7. Ask if they use plasma cutter to cut the materials (Acetalyne doesn’t give clean cuts).
  8. If they do home service using a motorcycle, BEWARE! (If they ask for extension cord for their tools, they want to see what’s inside your property, family safety first!)
  9. Ask if they have pictures of your vehicle
    • Check if the hitch is not centered
    • If the left side is not the same as the right side, it’s not leveled

If they get more than 8 negative out of what’s listed above, don’t waste your time entertaining them! 


OGP Tow Hitch and Auto Accessories Bulletin:

Tuesday. 20 October 2015. By: OGP Team

Thank you for calling OGP's attention regarding this matter. We admit that it is OGP's tow hitch. Allow OGP to explain the story behind this picture to our loyal clients - who have been with us all these years, and to the people (Sgt. Rivera St. cor. C3 A. Bonifacio Ave.) who are trying so hard to be-little OGP because they cannot sell quality tow hitch at that low price.

That picture of the damaged hitch was one of our client's that got rear ended by an old Honda Civic. About 3-4 months ago, our client was rear ended by an old Honda Civic, at 80km speed along NLEX while our client was in a complete stop (due to traffic). If not for OGP tow hitch, our client and his family would have been severely injured. The Honda Civic was a total wreck after the accident and its driver had to replace the tow hitch receiver of our client. The person that hit our client's vehicle asked OGP to repair the damaged tow hitch but OGP REFUSED, because it was damaged by a rear end collision and the warranty is VOID from any rear end collision. So, he ended up purchasing a new tow hitch receiver from OGP in exchange of the one he damaged.

OGP does not repair damaged tow hitches, that is why, we assume, that the Honda Civic driver brought the hitch to Marikina, to that Back Yard Towhitch for repair, located in a slum areas, since the driver is from Marikina as well. OGP does not use junk materials and does not use macilla and most of all, does not use spray paint and stick weld, our tow hitches are not cheaply made. We do not use 2nd hand materials. Only Back Yard Towhitch does those because their shop is located next to a junk shop. 
OGP products are migwelded, using seamless schedule 60 (imported), round tubular and powdercoated (no extra charge for powdercoat).

That company that is bad mouthing OGP is located at Sgt. Rivera cor A. Bonifacio Ave., is outsourcing their tow hitches from Marikina and Banawe, most of their products are not even available at hand. They claim that the product is available and will make their client wait for 2-3 hours until the product arrives, hence, their products are cheaper. These are unethical people trying to make a quick buck using OGP's name to sell they're tow hitches. OGP would like aplologize for this misleading post.

OGP is a direct wholesaler and does not give retail price and OGP does home service to save you time. If you go direct to wholesalers, you will be able to SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY! We deliver and install at the comfort of your own place --- YOU CALL, WE INSTALL! OGP is highly concerned for the safety of its clients and the other motorists.

OGP would like to thank all our loyal clients for your continued support and for referring your family and friends!

Below is the actual vehicle and the picture of the tow hitch they are posting.